Without water, a human wouldn’t last a week. Without oxygen not even five minutes. The two most important essences of life, and we’ve joined them together for you. A new category on the market - Oxywater. Incomparable with water. Incomparable with energy drinks. Oxywater creates its own category.
100 mg of oxygen per litre
  • The urgent need to introduce oxygen as a “take away” option emerged nine years ago, when the founder of Oxyslovakia was battling cancer.
  • One and a half years after the Oxywater launch (December 2016) she won the Slovak Business woman of the year award 2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83swmb6PmTc&
  • Over a period of 7 years we have been supporting several therapies with highly concentrated oxygen and the results have shown us, that when cells receive enough oxygen, these oxygenated cells react faster and make the healing process go quicker.
  • It was observed ( using Dr. Pakdaman ‚s method), that the increase of pO2 in the blood is considerable after drinking oxygen enriched water.
  • With this information, a lot of hard work and now success with our patent technology of enriched water with high concentrations of oxygen, finally we have launched Oxywater in the Slovak market.
  • The patent holder is Czech company Oxylife, who produces our Slovak drink Oxywater.

Your heart seems to jump out of your chest when you hear words from other people saying: “time will solve it” or “every cloud has a silver lining” or “one day will you understand what life wanted to tell you”. When I got sick I was diagnosed with final stage cancer. Hardly any hope – that was the answer after all the examinations. But when you fight for yourself there are only two options. I chose the more difficult one but I have been like that all my life.

After a year and a half of standard treatment combined with everything I could find, I was healthy. After another year when I felt a little stronger I opened the first Oxyslovakia centre with a set of procedures, which I had tried in the course of my treatment and which had also worked with a person as sick as I was. Breathing 95% oxygen is the main treatment and it is also low in cost. The air we breathe contains only 21% oxygen.

People around me started to tell other people about everything that I had done to take care of my health during treatment and also after the treatment. These people then started to visit Oxywater Slovakia to inhale oxygen as a preventative treatment. After another year I realised what „life wanted to tell me“ really meant and this was „my way“. I often thought how I could bring some of the benefits to my clients who are not able to travel 1 hour a day to visit our centre for treatment. You can be sure that we have harmessed the energy from this much concentrated oxygen with its strong anticeptic properties into an andanced yet modern package using our new available technologies.

From data and academic case studies of Dr. Oto Warburg and Prof. Dr. A. Pakdaman M.D. about the influence of OOT (oral oxygen therapy) supported with personal experience, the journey to develop a new category has been started, to develop oxygenated water, Oxywater.

I got in touch with similarly passionate people from the Czech Republic and after nearly three and a half years of trying, based on trial-and-error we have managed to achieve the our original goal – to create, maintain and sustain as much as 90 mg of oxygen per litre our water and we also have patented it. The owner of the patent is the Czech company called Oxylife, which produces the Slovakian brand Oxywater. Tap water contains approximately 8 – 9 mg/l of oxygen. There is so-called oxygenated water or water which is enriched with oxygen that contain between 9 and 40 mg/l. The challenge to get up to 90 mg/l of oxygen was so natural that whatever we achieved over time (50 or 60 mg/l – the most in the market) we were never satisfied.

The original intention was to bottle our oxygenated water in glass bottles, after all we cannot destroy our invention by using plastic bottles or cans. Plastic was ruled out unequivocally and we were testing glass bottles for a long time. There is no bottle top or technology which could maintain the oxygen level that we were aiming at, in a glass bottle. I understood another cliché “every cloud has a silver lining” when I visited the biggest can factory in the world. Apart from the fact that cans are the No.1 recyclable material in the world and that 60 days after use they are back in circulation again. I was fascinated by the “off taste” technology. This technology consists in covering the inside of a recyclable aluminium can with a harmless food grade varnish and firing the can at a temperature of 240°C.

The most important thing for me is to make sure that the technology is perfect and to see the final inspections with my own eyes to ensure that there is no leakage of aluminium or varnish into Oxywater. There is 90 mg/l of oxygen in fresh water with a low mineral content, which is safe. You can drink it in your car, in a restaurant, together with your coffee or whilst doing sports.

Finaly the last cliché that “time will solve it” was also fulfilled. After a long journey the time came to present Oxywater with 90 mg of oxygen per litre – energy, health and prevention in the most natural way.

Enjoy it daily.

Julianna Hložek Grmannová


Oxywater has a content of 250ml.
Contains 0 calories.
Energy only from a natural source - from highly concentrated oxygen.
Daily recommended dose: 1 can of 250ml

Oxygen and water are the basic components of nature. Their balance creates freshness, vitality and is the important factor in improving the quality of life.

From the body consumption the brain is  using 20 % . Through bloodcirculation the absorption of nutrition and oxygen improves. Prof. Dr. A. Pakdaman’s  special measurements  with the administration of oxygen enriched water to the brain resulted in a positive therapy effect and an improved regulation mechanism. For migraine attacks, micro circulation disorder and  cerebral hypoxia it can play a decisive role.

A member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, N.Sirotin, registered  the method of oxygen cocktails in 1960. Since this time, oxygen has been considered  as  an effective form for keeping in good health, beauty and physical condition. Sirotin ‚s  research showed increased performance, 30 % higher in average, when using oxygen enriched water at the level of 40mg/l.

Already in 1960 N.Sirotin,  discovered that the mucus membrane of the stomach and intestines absorbs oxygen at similar levels as those of the lungs. The increase in concentration while driving can also be an important factor for drivers, looking for an alternative energy drink without stimulants and sugar.

According to the founder of OOT     ( Oxygen Oral Therapy) in Germany  the water molecule (H2O) can be seen as a connection of 2 gases, in which a gaseous condition can be expected. A precise view of the molecular structure shows a bridge construction between the single water molecules, which finally lead to larger molecular units. This water-structure has some physical possibilities of forming connections with other materials and elements, among gases like oxygen. Drinking oxygen enriched water  can be seen as a sign of a relationship between nature and origin, relationship or in other  words, a return to origin, which can be certainly of
decisive therapeutical significance in future medicine.


Oxywater comes in a can, covered inside with a microlayer of alimentary suitable film. It is naturally still, the oxygen during the enrichment process does not create any bubbles. In case you do come across any other oxygenated water product which is sparkling, please be aware that it is carbonated with CO2!

Mineralization: TDS 147,3 mg/l
Ph: 7,43
Oxygen: 100 mg/l
Naturally still

Tap water contents 7-9mg/l of oxygen. You can find several types of oxygenated waters on the worldwide market. They are bottled in plastic or glass and contain added sugar or artificial sweeteners. Oxywater does not replace your daily need of water but comes in addition to it. The normal daily dose is one can per day, but it can be increased up to 3 cans per day. Due to the natural antiseptic ability of this amount of concentrated oxygen, you can feel the following benefits:

  • Natural energy – 10x more oxygen than tap water
  • Antiaging for skin – unflavoured Oxy Water use daily for irritated skin
  • A clean feeling in your vocal cords
  • The feeling of smooth teeth without dental plaque thanks to the antiseptic effects of highly dosed oxygen
  • No sugar / No sweeteners / No caffeine / No taurine / No preservatives
  • Enhanced sports performance
  • Increased brain activity
  • Increased concentration whilst driving


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